Lequinox trust service platform

Leqinox trust service terminology

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The following list provides the terminology used throughout this user guide:

Terminology Description
Lequinox console

The Lequinox console is the application used to manage a company or organisation in the Lequinox platform. A Lequinox administrator manages corporate roles, policies, and applications. The administrator assigns roles and sets your access level in the Lequinox console.

All corporate transactions are archived in the Lequinox console.

Participant Participants are receivers of a document or a transaction. A participant can be either an internal or an external person or role.

A passphrase has the same function as a password, but it is typically longer than a password and contains a sequence of words that together create a phrase.

You can and should have different passphrases for signing and for your different roles and application accesses. In your different roles you might handle extremely sensitive transactions. By adding different passphrases for your roles and your applications, you strengthen both your personal and your company property. This also means that you have to keep track of more passphrases.

You cannot reset or retrieve forgotten passphrases.

Personal Digital Identity (PDI) Your personal digital identity is a digital version of your real-world identity.
PDI client

The PDI client is the tool you use to manage your personal digital identity.

The PDI user client allows you to sign documents or transactions in your different roles. You may sign some transactions on behalf of the company you work for and other transactions as a personal identity.

Reference You use references to prove that you are who you say you are when you activate a role or sign up to an application. You might need to provide references of certain categories.
Role In the Lequinox system you have one personal identity and you can have several roles.

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