Meaplus Android Client 1.3.0

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About This Release

This is a minor upgrade of the Meaplus client for Android implementing a timeout functionality and improved Fingerprint handling as well as some bugfixes and improvements.

Implemented features

Title Description
Timeout functionality The user is automatically logged out after having been inactive for more than an hour


Title Description
Expired certificates Dialog to inform about an expired server certificate implemented
Improved Fingerprint handling After three attempts to log in or sign with Fingerprint the option to use the Meaplus passphrase is presented.

Bug fixes

Title Description
Unable to disrupt portal registration It is no longer possible to disrupt the registration to Meaplus portal by pressing Back.
Restore identity improved Restoring user data is faster than before.
Incorrect pop-up removed An incorrect pop-up when creating access with the wrong role has been removed.
Reference error message is now correct An erroneous error message when failing to fetch a reference has been replaced.

Deprecated and Removed Features


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