Lequinox trust service platform


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A “Lequinox reference” is a statement from a reference provider to a reference applicant which proves the existing relationship between them; for example, that the reference applicant has a role or an access to the reference provider’s application. The reference contains information such as name and address.

The applicant sends the reference information to the requester, who then uses it to validate the identity of the applicant. The requester decides in their reference policy which references are needed.

Both the applicant and the provider will have to sign the reference before it is sent to the requester.

The applicant can be both a user and a organisation.


Adam Ask is a registered Meaplus user, and has a role at Company XYZ where he is employed.

He wants to apply for a bank loan at ABC bank. To do so he needs to get access to the ABC bank application (1). ABC bank has decided only to give application access to persons who can prove they have employment.

During the registration process ABC bank’s reference policy is sent to Adam Ask in the Meaplus client (2). The reference policy asks for a role reference from any organisation showing that Adam Ask has employment.

To fulfil the policy Adam Ask needs to fetch information (get a reference) about himself from his employer (3). This is an automated process in the Meaplus client that only works if Adam Ask and Company XYZ has an existing relation/if he is employed by the organisation. Company XYZ signs the reference before sending it to Adam Ask (4).

Adam Ask signs the reference policy including the reference provided by Company XYZ and sends it to ABC bank (5). ABC bank checks if the reference given makes Adam Ask eligible for access to their application.

ABC bank is able to see that Company XYZ has signed the information about Adam Ask, and they can check that Company XYZ is a registered organisation. For ABC bank this means that Adam Ask has proved that he has employment. ABC bank decides to give him an access to their application.

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